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Productivity leading to increased revenues is right there in front of us every day, in the people we hire, retain and mentor properly, realize these efficiencies with Ezzely by Coggno.
Ilon Ildau
HR Manager
Increase Retention and Productivity
Feeling appreciated is as important to employees as salary.
When engaged at work, they are 90% more likely to stick around. When they don't, it costs an average of 20% of their salary to replace them.
It doesn't have to be like that.
Ezzely has built some innovative features into our software to help your employees get involved and motivated by placing your priorities right next to theirs.
Employees start interacting about work on your activity wall
Your Ezzely platform will reside on all your employees’ devices. They can interact, recognize, and reward one another on the work they’re doing.
Upload bite sized training with a few clicks
Upload pictures, videos, or schematics on how you want things stacked, designed, installed, or laid out and have them instantly accessible to everyone.
Allow employees to give points to colleagues for extraordinary effort, which can be redeemed for prizes.
Create raffles instantly for an in-house or monetary prize.
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