Ezzely, brought to you by the folks at Coggno, is designed to be an engaging way for organizations and their employees to interact and succeed.

Coggno has been facilitating employee-training experiences for millions of learners and thousands of companies for 10 years. We created Ezzely as an effort to help organizations combat the rising costs of employee retention, grow engagement, and to support the ongoing efforts of management to increase productivity. This is done by enlisting the commitment of their staff in the challenges it takes to run a successful enterprise.

Through our experience working with various industries we understand the demands on small and mid-sized HR departments. We also work with organizations without dedicated HR departments, to meet the ongoing demands that are required to keep facilities staffed and productive, and that is what Ezzely is all about.

Ezzely was made to be intuitive and easy to use. You can create your branches, upload your staff and begin engaging and recognizing employees in a matter of minutes. And unlike other employee engagement apps, Ezzely allows you to offer rewards that aren’t monetary like
additional time off.

We’re here to help you create a strong company culture where staff know that they are appreciated.

We are a group of technologists, operations, and support teams that are fanatic in our desire to see our partner clients succeed in every way possible. We have grown organically through the support and ideas of our partners and are very excited to be joining you on your journey to build a better, happier and more productive workplace.

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