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Employee Engagement: Why It Matters For Your Company

The idea of employee engagement is not going away and has only grown in value over time. Low engagement and disinterest can cause employees to jump ship quickly and often.

By focusing on employee engagement, you help ensure your employees stick around longer. If they care about their work, team members, and company, they’ll be more invested and committed to staying. This keeps employee retention high and minimizes employee turnover costs.

Here are some of the interesting stats we think you’ll benefit from knowing:

39% of workers would work harder if they were happy in their current role or place of work


13.5% of workers admit that company culture will push them to accept another job offer


60% of Americans would take a job they love over a job they hate, even if the preferred position paid half the amount of salary they would earn at the job they dislike


21.5% of workers who don’t feel recognized for doing great work have interviewed for a job in the past three months vs. 12.4% who do feel recognized


73% of employees who work in a fully enabled digital workplace reported a positive impact on their productivity and 70% cited improved collaboration thanks to digital technologies vs. 55% of those who don’t work in a fully enabled digital workplace

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