Build Teamwork for your Retail Store

Ezzely provides a centralized place for all your staff’s interaction, training and rewards; facilitating the exchange of information and ideas that drive revenue.

Some of the Smart Features

Our features are designed to help you engage, train and reward staff easily. With simple to use controls, there is little to no administration needed.

  • Activity Feed Notify Staff, and have them interact from anywhere anytime. Motivate and retain them through shared insights and goals

  • Shift Cover Automate shift swaps. Staff can request and pick up each other’s shifts through notifications inside Ezzely. Admins can select and approve whom they wish to allow to cover the shift.

  • Quick Train Your Retail Employees Bite-sized training that’s easily accessed everywhere

  • Rewards Incentivize sales staff based on milestones you set, allowing them to redeem points for cool swag, time off, or best schedules. Increase sales and attract great employees.

  • RafflesHold Raffles for fun prizes from your organization, incentivizing staff and increasing engagement, camaraderie and productivity.

Mobilize your Staff fully in Your Stores Success!

Quick Train Your Retail Employees

Train with a picture/diagram in seconds

Shift Cover

Shifts covered and approved


Acknowledge and reward accomplishments

Simple Set Up, Smooth Operations


    A few clicks are all it takes to get started


    Supply us with a logo and theme and our team will create your own branded platform


    Upload or announce to your team and you can be up and running fast!

Want to try Ezzely for your business?

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